The Mercy Center Foundation USA focuses on four main programs: Education, Water Initiative, Medical Initiative, and Microenterprise. Our mission is to help combat disease and poverty in Lare, Kenya, by providing compassionate and humanitarian assistance toward sustainable and affordable clean water, health care, education and micro-enterprise initiatives.


Since 2003, The Mercy Center Foundation U.S.A., Inc. has accomplished the following:

  1. Purchased fifteen acres of land.
  2. Drilled a water well, 272 meters deep, with a storage tank.
  3. Built a health clinic within walking distance for the villagers.
  4. Purchased an ambulance to transfer the sick to the major hospital.
  5. Built a guest house.
  6. Started cow, rabbit, chicken and piggery projects.

Families now have access to clean, fresh water and thousands of villagers have received treatment at the clinic since 2006. In 2011, we started a secondary school for unprivileged girls. When the school was started there were 28 students, but at present it has grown to 350 girls from all walks of life. We have managed to build 13 classrooms. Some of the classrooms are used to accommodate the girls as boarders. We have had many challenges due to limited funds but our students are very eager to learn. Out of 33 schools in the district, our school was ranked number 4, despite lacking a laboratory. We are currently building a dining hall and kitchen facilities. The next phase will be to build proper dormitories, science labs, a computer lab and a library.