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Realizing the Dream To Educate the Girl Child

As of February 2014, the Mother of Mercy Girls Secondary School has enrolled 300 girls, providing room and board, and strong foundation of education for those ages 14-20.  Many of the students receive support for their education at this time however, the school has initiated a basic tuition requirement which families are working towards fully paying on their own. Until that time, the Mercy Center Foundation is raising funds to support those most vulnerable to attend school through fully funded scholarships.


This demonstrates that these girls are thriving emotionally, intellectually and physically at the Mother of Mercy Girls Secondary School.  Many of the girls are at risk and seek safety coming from all corners of Kenya.  In 2015, the Mercy Center continues to promote civic education, cooperation and dialogue among different tribes and will contribute to building a lasting peace in the region.


Their teachers, school staff and volunteers associated with the building of the school have begun the journey to transform lives and develop the potential of girls from Lare and the Greater Rift Valley. In 2015-2016, classroom expansion will enable the school to accommodate the additional students now enrolled more comfortably but space is still very crammed.  There is a need to fund the building of appropriate dormitories and bathroom/showers to accommodate the students.  “We have a long way to go before the school is really completed but we have come from nothing and we have achieved a very good result thus far,” said Sr. Rose.  


With proceeds from our annual Mercy 5k and grants and individual donors, we will hope to fully fund the construction and completion of a basic secondary school complex to support girls’ education. Sr. Rose paused and said, “I have great hopes that these young girls will change the life and culture of their families and Kenya for generations to come.”


Please join us in this most worthy undertaking. Visit with the girls of the Secondary School by viewing their recent interviews on our Youtube video and help us by making a donation to achieve the dream!


Please contact us at the Mercy Center Foundation USA.

Celebrating education trophies during zonal price giving day.

"Limited access to educational opportunities and healthcare perpetuate a cycle of poverty and disease."